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Informationen aus erster Hand:

Im direkten Austausch mit führenden Denkern und Machern - 
in den USA, in Deutschland und weltweit

„America has a very, very fragile national identity. And it tends to be pretty immature, adolescent, which is to say that it doesn’t want to confront the nightside, its underside too directly.”

Cornel West, US-Präsidentschaftskandidat 2024 und Host des Podcasts The Tight Rope, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


"I believe that ideas translated into practice can shape reality. Power is not an end in itself, as far as I am concerned. Power is a means to an end."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Nationaler Sicherheitsberater von US-Präsident Jimmy Carter, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„I think certain things are in fact relative to other things. But the notion that everything is relative in the sense that we can never claim that we are speaking rightly and truthfully – nobody lives by a doctrine of that sort.”

Michael Walzer, Princeton University, bekannt für seine Theorie des "Gerechten Krieges", im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


"If we don’t lead, the rest of the world is like cats and dogs arguing about it. But once America says “here is where we are going to come out,” and if we largely get it right, the rest of the world will follow."

Nancy Soderberg, Mitglied in Präs. Clintons National Security Council, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„I am not talking to intellectuals. I am talking to the public. And the public has an influence.”

Noam Chomsky, der am häufigsten zitierte Intellektuelle der Welt, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„The problem these days is that there is so much information out there, it is very hard to sort out what’s worthwhile from what’s useless, not credible.”

Francis Fukuyama, Autor des Bestseller Das Ende der Geschichte, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„In the age of cable networks and the Internet, the danger is that the public segments itself into a niche, so people listen to the things they want to listen to that reinforce their preexistent feelings.”

Joseph S. Nye, Harvard University; Urheber des Konzepts der soft power und Stellv. Verteidigungsminister der Regierung Clinton, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


"A major part of defining what being in the government is like is keeping your priorities first. This is a real problem in the bureaucracy, and if you are not used to it you find the bureaucracy setting your priorities instead of the other way round."

John Bolton, Nationaler Sicherheitsberater von US-Präsident Trump und ex-UN Botschafter der USA, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„How we understand our past and how we understand our values is critical to what I think of as finding our way again in the world.”

Anne-Marie Slaughter, ex-Direktorin des Planungsstabs in Hillary Clintons Außenministerium, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


„The media has a civic responsibility. But because our media are corporate-owned and profit-driven, their interest is primarily in entertaining and pandering to that public, not educating and helping form them. As a result, television does the very opposite of what it should be doing.”

Benjamin Barber, Autor des Bestsellers Jihad vs. McWorld im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


“There is no such thing as simply describing reality. When you describe reality in a certain way, that description is always from a certain point of view, and therefore it has moral implications.”

Howard Zinn, Autor des globalen Bestsellers A People’s History of the United States, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


"I don’t think scholarship is harmed by actually having hands on experience with policymaking. Otherwise you run the risk of being someone who extols the joys of driving a BMW or a Mercedes without ever having gotten behind the wheel of a car."

James M. Lindsay, Senior Vice President, Council on Foreign Relations, im Gespräch mit Tobias Endler


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